Colorful letters that say “You (don’t) Suck” Design by Soren Hamby
Colorful letters that say “You (don’t) Suck” Design by Soren Hamby
Design by Soren Hamby

If you feel like you are not doing enough and someone will soon discover that you are a fraud, you are probably experiencing imposter syndrome. You are not alone: 64% of the people I interviewed (100 people, mostly from tech) feel like they don’t do enough to prove that their work is good. When I launched the survey in June 2021, I had no clue what the answers will be. It was eye-opening to discover the overwhelming results.

Elliot Page came out as trans today, using he/they pronouns.

Elliot Page (he/they) on Instagram

For our Trans family, this is such a joyful day.

Crying over here. I feel like what he saw on IG might have helped them to see themself and come out. I feel like WE, trans visible folks, are a reason why he can exist as Elliot.

The same way seeing another Elliot, Elliot Fletcher, 4 years ago helped me to finally see my true self.

As trans folks, we are Elliot Page’s elders. WE are one of the reason why Elliot is able to come out today.

I don’t buy it. “The Social Dilemma” is not as revolutionary and inclusive as it could be.

So yes, watch it — it does open our eyes even more about what is used from us when we use social media and the effects on reshaping our society. I am glad there are more documentaries and open discussions about this.

The Social Dilemma / Netflix

And let’s be critical too: this is mostly cis white men* confessing that they made terrible decisions at dominant tech companies for years and that it fucked everyone else in the world.

Yet, their answer is, “WE need to fix this.”

It happened at breakfast, between eating cereal and doing cartwheels. I answered, “Do you need my help to tell your friends today at school?”

He said “Yep”. Then he put on his usual basketball shorts, a colorful tee-shirt, a different shoe on each foot, and we walked to school.

That day he decided to use he/him pronouns.

In the classroom, he offered pronouns stickers to his friends so they could all show which pronoun they were using. All the kids were very excited to proudly wear their pronouns stickers.

A kid wearing a red tee-shirt giving pronoun stickers to other kids. We only see their legs and not their faces for privacy.
A kid wearing a red tee-shirt giving pronoun stickers to other kids. We only see their legs and not their faces for privacy.
My kid (4) sharing pronouns stickers with his friends.

I realized at that moment that my kid, at 4, was…

And why Pip’s Island, the Escape The Room for kids, will be a huge hit.

Pip’s Island is a new interactive theatrical adventure in Times Square, geared toward kids ages 4–10 and their caregivers.

The magical doors officially opened this week, and I got a chance to experience it with my kid (4) during a preview.

Here are 5 reasons it was such a meaningful journey:

1. Gender neutral terms, content, and accessories

From the moment we were welcomed, my heart felt full and safe. They never used the words “girls” or “boys.” Here, we are all “Explorers” and “Explorer Assistants.”

I was amazed by the website…

How we sell ourselves as creative people and why we need to revisit the way we make our portfolios.

Max Masure, UX Service Designer — Portfolio 2018 Homepage

The one and only mistake we all made

As designers we naturally show the what. We display our craft, showing how beautiful and great our previous projects were. We are proud of them, or at least we want the potential client to believe we are (although every designer I know tends to criticize his project as soon as it’s released. Very natural indeed, but we still need to show that it’s great when we meet a new person, don’t we?).

What I learned and applied is to show the…

As a cisgender person, it costs you nothing
For a cisgender person (a person whose gender is in alignment with the sex they were assigned at birth- more on that another time!) there is little to no risk in sharing your pronouns. When you’ve never questioned what pronouns people use for you, or even thought about the idea of pronouns after you learned about them in 2nd grade, sharing your pronouns on digital profiles is easy and costs you nothing.

Jay Bendett, co-founder of Argo Collective, with their pronouns “they/them” visible on their Linkedin profile.

For a person who is transgender or nonbinary, sharing pronouns can be a bit riskier. If someone is transitioning at…

Mount Sinai’s “hack” to use my correct first name is my doctor writing my name on a piece of paper. That means every time I go back, they forget and use my birth name instead.

As a trans person I struggle daily with my first name and my birth name. I have a name I use, a name I chose myself. And a birth name I never want to use again as it is from the gender I do not belong to. Using my correct name helps me grow in my identity and myself. Using my birth name upsets me deeply and makes me sick, sometimes literally, physically ill with anxiety.

Usually transitions are temporary. At some point, for those who can, we legally change our first name and then update all the companies and…

In 2016, NYC Mayor De Blasio signed the great Executive Order No 16 that mandates city facilities to provide bathroom access to people consistent with gender identity. Hurray, a huge step towards gender inclusivity and tolerance!

Last week I went skating at Brooklyn Bridge Park and I got shocked. Yes the NYC Park bathroom facility now has a new sign saying anyone can decide to use the bathroom that would fit their gender or gender expression. Great, awesome, perfect. But — because there is a but, and it ruins everything — the second part of the sign says:

NYC Parks “gender inclusive” bathroom sign

“Any person…

When Josh Muccio asked me yesterday: “Hey, so what’s one awesome thing you’ve found recently?’ in order to include it in our The Pitch Podcast newsletter, I instantly answered something about chats.

Did you feel that shift in the last years? We used to talk a lot in forums (public or private). I used to be part of the weird belgium website in the early 2000. A role playing game website that was based out of a huge forum with accreditations to access certain parts of it. Everything was about talking to other people, through different topics and threads.

Max Masure (they/them)

Ethical UX Researcher, Inclusion Consultant, Author, and Public Speaker. Impostor Syndrome Workbook launch in 2021:

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